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Fred Benton Holmberg
Mr. Holmberg is the author of four books, a prize winning poet, and has written dozens of articles for magazines and newspapers, including the Boston Globe. He lives in southern Maine. 
The very definition of life is change. It is growing. And growth,for a poet, means reaching more and more into himself, into the deeper dimensions of his own experience, and drawing forth the truths and sentiments which approach universality.

bob svihovec
When asked, what one does for a living, Bob Svihovec usually responds that he is an artist, a participant in the never ending revelation of truth. He has a background in traditional cell animation starting in New York many waves ago. His time has been spent raising a brood of his own and further developing the stories which touch our hearts. Pondering the ancient mythological stories, provide insight into the mystery of who we are. He is living the dream, (with the help of a few close well-springs in the wilderness.)
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