bob svihovec

437 South Rd. Rye, NH 03870 svihovec@LittleBlue.US


To create exceptional, entertaining, stories:


Story Development, Character Animation:


Bob Svihovec is an artist/ 3-D animator, traditionally trained in the art of cell animation; a writer; and a sculptor.

Recent Projects:

Completed young adult coming of age manuscript, CRY OF THE RAVEN: A CELTIC JOURNEY. Wrote, directed and animated, LITTLE BLUE, an eight minute, festival award winning animated film, Http://www.littleBlue.US.


Freelance 3-D animation, story board artist, for commercial and industrial films. Completion of a graphic novel, "Hercules: The Mythic Journey Retold": Development of several children's books. Excelling at Mr. Mom before it was fashionable.

Early Computer animation work included: Hatchling Studios a Commercial Multimedia & Animation Studio. Production animation for the computer gaming industry: Designing and developing children's edu-tainment titles "Rainy Day Games", for Baudville, a software company; and other clients included Spinnaker, Viacom, Pergamon Press, and Sturges Publishing.

After training at Hanna-Barbara Studios in California, traditional animation employment was initiated in New York's IATSE local 841at Perpetual Motion Pictures and Buzzco studios. Skills were developed on a variety of television specials and various commercials, including Berenstein Bears series and Strawberry Shortcake.


Maya 5, Lightwave 6.5 , Animation Master, Adobe CS3, HTML and Various office support products.

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