Bob Svihovec

Bob Svihovec in Colorado Directors Bio: When asked, what one does for a living, Bob Svihovec usually responds that he is an artist, a participant in the never ending revelation of truth. He has a background in traditional cell animation starting in New York many waves ago. His time has been spent raising a brood of his own and further developing the stories which touch our hearts. Pondering the ancient mythological stories, provide insight into the mystery of who we are. He is living the dream, (with the help of a few close well-springs in the wilderness.)

Directors comments: I have always believed a small group of artists could create quality entertainment. When asked if Little Blue is perfect; the answer is no. Itís created in low resolution, done inexpensively, for faster animation and rendering times. Yet it still has the capacity to move me, and Iíve watched it a bazillion times. As artists we can always add more, but our tendency is to dink it to death. But we only gain a little in terms of the richness of the emotional experience. I wanted to add blowing snow as he is on his exiled journey. For me to invest the time to perfect the technique, would have pushed the film's release to a much later date. Truly there is a threshold of limited return for our extended effort to reach perfection. Age has taught me to move lightly with joy and accept what we cannot change. We are never to old to listen to the child inside.